Why would you want to Holiday in Sri Lanka?
Sri Lanka is located right in the middle of the world, accessible within a few hours. We have incredible mix of races, religions, customs always smiling and friendly people. Sri Lanka is probably the most bio-diverse island of its size in the world with beaches, mountains, plains, rainforests, scrub jungle and even deserts. We have perfect tropical weather year-round. Sri Lanka possesses the most gorgeous scenery coupled with entrancing history and natural wildlife. We have ruins over 2,500 years old and many of them UNESCO World Heritage listed. Sri Lanka owns a superb range of accommodation from the most basic to the disgustingly opulent. We have an eclectic heritage in food – South Indian, Malay, English, Dutch, Chinese combine to provide the ultimate gourmet experience.

In short, there simply is no other country like it in the world for things to do and places to see in such a compact little island.