Sri Lanka Voyages has a number of tourist hot–spots on its list of must see destinations on the island. Any number of these destinations can be chosen and combined to create a perfect holiday, be it for a romantic getaway with your partner, a adventure trip with friends or a cultural sight–seeing with family! Centuries ago, Persian travelers sailing across the Indian Ocean happened upon Sri Lanka and named it Serendib, or "serendipity" in modern English. It’s still an appropriate name for this beautiful island, where the search for one of its treasures will inevitably involve happily stumbling across several more. With delightful cities, incredibly lush countryside, relaxing beaches and ancient sites of historical interest, holidays in Sri Lanka hold something fascinating for every kind of travelers.

Sri Lanka Voyages best time to go.

The best times to visit Sri Lanka are between the main rainy seasons. Because the island lies just north of the equator, temperatures remain almost constant throughout the year, but rainfall varies widely. In the south, southwest and Hill Country, the best period is from November to April after the southwest monsoon has finished. However, the north and east are affected by the northeast monsoon during this period and are dry but hot from April to September. The Hill Country is much cooler throughout the year.

Holidays in Sri Lanka with

With bustling cities or ancient relics, golden beaches or lush green landscapes, it really shouldn’t be possible to enjoy the treasures of Sri Lanka cheaply but that’s exactly what you can do by choosing s affordable Sri Lanka holidays.