Sri Lanka Voyages is a local travel specialist that provides excellent holiday options to its in–coming clients by offering a complete spectrum of services that include the organization of accommodation and transportation, and of round–tours or excursions throughout the island.
Its expert services offer smooth and personalized travel arrangements with customized itineraries in order to optimize time and the value for money, to ensure that its clientele can travel to the most interesting locations, discover local charm and enjoy the bliss of a tropical holidaying, carefree.
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Sri Lanka

Shaped like a pearl in the middle of the Indian Ocean, separated from the Indian subcontinent by only a chasm of water, the island of Sri Lanka that was once known as Ceylon is a country deeply infused with elements of cultural, religious and ethnic splendor. Geographically made up of rolling plains with mountains that lie only in the central parts, Sri Lanka has a number world heritage sites to see, such as the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, the rock fortress of Sigiriya, the Golden Temple of Dambulla and the sacred city of Kandy in the hills. Rain-forests rich with a biodiversity of fauna and flora, national parks with an abundance of a wildlife that include the likes of the elephant, the leopard and the Purple–faced Languor and a variety of bird sanctuaries–home to some 435 residents species also dot the island. The climate in Sri Lanka is naturally tropical and warm with the hottest seasons preceding the monsoon rains that fall on the island twice a year. The best months for travel around the island are from the end of November to April, although Sri Lanka is primarily a year-round holiday destination. Even the "off–season" months of July and August offer a host of religious processions or peraheras to be seen, especially the Dalada Perahera, held in veneration of the tooth of the Lord Buddha, said to have been rescued from his funeral pyre by a monk, before making its way to Sri Lanka. For a hassle–free, dream holiday around the picturesque isle of Sri Lanka, and even to the neighboring island of Maldives and the subcontinent of India, all that is required of you is that you contact Sri Lanka Voyages, Your Personal Travel Specialist.