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Minneriya National Park

From September, towards the end of the dry season, most water sources have disappeared. The Minneriya tank, however, retains water throughout the parched months, so there are elephant gatherings here every year at this time, the number of these gentle, charismatic giants sometimes exceeding 300. To see so many together – playing, eating, swimming, looking for mates is nothing but breathtaking.

Minneriya, which became a sanctuary in 1938 and declared a national park in August 1997, is in the Polonnaruwa district in the North Central Province. It is 182km from Colombo on the main road to Polonnaruwa and 9km from Habarana, well known for some of its hotels. Since it was first opened to visitors in 1998, Minneriya has been mostly visited for its elephants, some known to come from the surrounding national parks of Wasgomuwa, Somawathie, Maduru Oya and the Galoya sanctuary.

Kaudulla National Park

A park designed with the elephant in mind, Kaudulla provides a measure of protection not just for that single species, but for a host of others be they scaled or feathered, leafy or hairy. It is an important piece in the region's conservation puzzle, slotting into an existing network of parks and protected areas planned with the hope that they can allow Sri Lanka's bountiful natural heritage to not just survive, but flourish, now and in the days ahead.


Habarana is famous among tourists and locals alike because of the safari rides to the nearby Habarana national park which has a huge population of Elephants. And unlike in most natural parks in Sri Lanka Elephants here are not that used to humans so if you are looking for some excitement like being attacked by the elephants this is the place to be.