Place of Worship in Matale


Situated on Matale–Dambulla Road, and about 2 miles from the city of Aluvihara, which is of historical importance. It had been the practice in Buddhism to hand down the sacred literature orally, from one generation to the next. It is Recorded thet during king Valagamba’s rule, the pail canon was recited and along with the commentaries and it was written down in a cave at Aluvihara.

Nalanda Gedige

By the 30th mile post on Nalanda – Dambulla Road is a marked place in the village of Nalanda. Travelling one mile southwards in this area, Nalanda Gedige can be viewed. It was submerged due to the Mahaveli project and with great effort this structure was placed on a higher elevation by removing sections separately.
The earliest building in Ceylon which was entirely of stone construction in the Gedige at Nalanda, which is in the late Pallava style. The history of the shrine, by whom it was late pallava style. The history of the shrine, by whom it was built, is obscure. It is believed that Pallava soldiers who came to help king Manavamma are responsible for this construction. This was built on a land which was 100x50 feet in extent and the building consists of 3 storeys.