Bentota is located 64km south of Colombo in the South–western coastal belt of Sri Lanka. CMB Colombo Banadaranayake Airport at Katuanyake, Negombo being 37km north of the heart of city of Colombo, Bentota is 101km south of the airport.

Bentota can be reached by Colombo–Galle main road (A2) as well as by Colombo–Galle–Matara Southern Railway line. While the railway line from Negombo to Colombo mostly runs through the inland the continuation of the track from Colombo to Matara passing Bentota, in most of the stretch, hugs the southern coast studded with pristine tropical beaches.

Just across the Bentota Bridge over the River Bentara also called River Bentota Ganga is the coastal town of Bentota. Bentota is a very pretty rural area: the greenery of the landscape is especially striking. Most of the areas are well shaded and sheltered by tall trees with the coconut palm tress dominating the landscape.

Bentota is the prime beach resort of the south–western and southern coastal belts of Sri Lanka. South of the city of Colombo, the city of Kalutara with its fine beach is the gateway to south western and southern bay beaches. Kalutara is the next popular beach. The Beruwala Bay Beach that is just before reaching Aluthgama at the Bentota Bridge and Bentota Bay Beach just over the bridge are the most popular twin beaches in the coast. The coast to the further south and onwards to the Deep South too is replete with lovely topical beaches.

River Bentara, the legendary river at Bentota flows into the Indian Ocean forming a lagoon at the last section of the river. River Bentara and lagoon set up the widest array of water sports among all the beach resorts of Sri Lanka: Jet–ski, windsurf, parasail or enjoy a romantic river safari.